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Anniestar is a Fashion Design and Development Company Working on Fashion Design, Interior Design, Styling and Makeover ,Event Management, Photo shoot (portfolio and fashion photography) , Grooming (Personality development, Professional grooming, Model grooming) as well as Placement (Consultancy). The company started in 2015 with a young and dedicated management team. Anniestar is one of the most active management company in India, with an excessive presence in many influential fashion boutiques all over the world. Anniestar is dedicated to the creation and expansion of linked prosperity that includes the company, its human resources, shareholders, distribution channels, business partners and its customers.

Why Anniestar

We're a privately owned . With our sourcing & manufacturing capabilities, we're always bringing new and best products, services and collections to life. Anniestar introduces you to your dreams and desires in reality. Talk to us about fashion, interior and career design - where style comes naturally. Its Enough about us. We will appreciate you to come, tell us about you. Whether it is designing or sourcing. Contact us for a free consultation.


Fashion Design

Anniestar is a brand that bridges the gap between fashion and the Peoples. Specializing in Fabrics, accessories and all kind of Garments.

Interior Design

We are a full-service residential interior design and build firm, Execute by award-winning Interior designers and Technical Experts.

Styling and Makeover

We are a friendly company for Styling and makeover. Offering professional makeovers and advice, whether you plan to do shooting or simply want to enjoy living in your home.

Event Management

Anniestar is a full-service event and venue management company. Services are available throughout the country .

Portfolio Photoshoot

“A Picture is worth a thousand words" Should there be any better reason of considering a portfolio photo shoot with Anniestar?

Personality Development

We have all the services for Personality Development, Personal & Professional Grooming, by Senior Model Experts and Choreographers.

Work Placement

We are a friendly company for all your work placements. Offering professional consultancy whether you plan to start a new business or simply want to do a job.

Model Management

Our ethos is simple: We aim to provide quality exposure to models and genuine representation and outstanding professional services to our clients.

Anniestar Team

Ananya Majumder

Fashion Designer & CEO

Lila Afroz

Make up Artist

Bonorum Finibus

Model Choreographer

Sanjana Roy

Placement Consultant

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Everyone are welcome to connect us for any additional query or services. We believe you will appreciate our dedication and hearted hospitality for your company or personal. Please Send Email to : info@anniestar.com.

We offer solutions to support your work from our end. You should grow your career at Anniestar. Work to achieve your goals, take some time to get success for your bright future. We never depend on your financial sound but we always work on your personal development.

Our commitment to providing exceptional guidance, research, investment, and service helped us take top honors from our experienced executive.